Dream Journal #1: Cops and Robbers

February 4, 2013 at 12:15 pm (Uncategorized) ()

Before I forget all about my dream, I will begin writing this down. It’s been a little over 3 hours since I woke up, and you usually forget 80% of your dream an hour after waking up.

credits to KristeLynx for the photo


I was the main character of my dream (duh). It began on a passenger bus. We were on our way somewhere. At that point, I don’t even know where. My friends, there were 6 of us, were seated sort of strategically close and away from each other.  The setting was sub-urban with considerable flora and foliage around.

“A bomb”, that thought occurred to me. I remember a bomb being planted on the vehicle. That’s when I recalled it was actually my friends, us, who did just that. A terrorist plot. I was committed to it, with a doubtful pledge.

One of my friends gave us the signal. We exited the bus at the next terminal. I remember leaving in a hurry, trying my best to contain the uncertainty of my actions. “I can’t believe I’m doing this. I would never do something like this in my lifetime.”, but I was committed – clueless, but committed. We took another bus. I’m sure we weren’t going to blow it up. I can’t say the same for the last one. “It must’ve blown up by now.”, a thought that I entertained aboard the vehicle, but I was too fretful and timid. There were no chairs. People were just hanging on to handles or seated on the floor. I was seated next to a close friend of mine. I huddled close to him and gave him a look: “What are we doing?”, I gestured. He would just look back, a little concerned over me.  These are my lifelong friends. And I’m about to.. just did something stupid with them. I cede. Scared. Worried. Anxious.

At our next stop, we started walking towards the nearest building. A second before entering, I found my friends suddenly wearing balaclava masks. All except me. I donned on the first thing that could cover my face – an embroidered snow cap. I was watching them stage a bank heist through the minute pores on my cap. One declared the robbery, the other started pointing weapons at people. And another started raking in the cash from the registers. Me? Too busy keeping my mask in place.

We walked out of the building with money, and a safe exit. Soon enough, we were on an escape vehicle, and my friends were rejoicing at the accomplishment. Swoons, and guffaws over. Myself, just settled at a corner expressing relief. The whole while I have been paranoid, but seeing my friends enjoying their time like they were kings, I began to calm down.

That was when an unexpected police check point appeared before us. Armed, they asked us to come along quietly. It seems that they have been tracking us since we boarded our first bus. They were probably able to disarm the explosives on that vehicle too. They even have our identities ready, and that’s when I knew that it’s all over.

So how did my dream end?

Stalemate, without resistance, we turned ourselves in. But it was only at that moment that I began to have a sort of, a version of heart of a fugitive. I know we were guilty, and we were probably well aware of these consequences. But I wanted to fight back – for my friends. Nevertheless, we surrendered. The story in my dream ended with a song. I no longer remember it, but it was playing on the background and we all sang along. A song about our right to be kings of this world. A song about  fearing nothing. A song about friendship. And then I woke up.

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Hello folks.

January 13, 2012 at 5:29 pm (Uncategorized)

This page has long been barren, but this writer has had enough of the drought, and intends to till the soil for some posts to be planted soon.

Here’s to hoping I’ll be able to entertain myself with some scribbling on here!

Cheers to the year 2012!

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Dance of the Spirits

August 29, 2011 at 1:15 pm (Hobbies) (, , , )

If you were to lose your eyesight nominally and you were given a chance to witness one last phenomenon, what would that be?” A good friend posted this question on this forum we used to frequent. To our surprise, we agreed on the same answer. “I want to see the Northern Lights.”  In fact, he intends to do this come 2014. I’m envious…  😛

The Aurora Borealis has long been a subject of creative writing and cultural lore. It was believed to be a sign of God in middle-aged Europe, and earned its name Dance of the Spirits from Native Americans, hence the title of this post. An equally interesting name. I imagine a wind nymph frolicking about the heavens, dancing to the music of the sky, paving in its wake a beautiful curtain of red, green, and blue suspended crosswise on the horizon luring creatures below to ogle jealously.  She would have brought her friends along too as they play around in circles forming arcs on the earth visible from the moon.

Before we get anymore fictional, here’s how wikipedia would have described Auroras – a collision of energetic charged particles with atoms in the high altitude atmosphere. Basically, when some gas particles in the atmosphere called magnetospheric particles near the poles collide with the highly energized particles from the solar wind (yes, from the sun), photons are emitted releasing light. These particles travel across the magnetic lines of the poles in the shape of curtains or arcs in the sheen of the rare blue to the common green. The same is true for the Southern Lights, the Aurora Australis. Both will produce a light display that may be barely visible at night or bright enough to read a book in the dark. They are usually limited to higher latitudes due to its density of the magnetospheric particles near the poles.

And there’s my college level analysis from my mandatory background research of the subject. Feel free to correct me if I got it wrong. Astronomy, in my opinion, is best left in vague details for the spectators to marvel; otherwise, it would lose its charm. After all, its appeal comes mainly on how it is both visually mesmerizing, and cosmically sensational like how difficult one can grasp with words such a scene just like how I’m fumbling on mine now 😛 Yet science will provide you means to wonder over such types of phenomenon. Take this article for example. Despite its title, it actually got me excited when I read it. If you didn’t catch it, it says that a lot of people might be witnessing a fantastic light display soon. The price for this will heavy so I am not necessarily rooting for this one, but control of these things are best left to spiritual beings. Until then, I will be keeping my fill of these fabled lights with a dose of pictures I got online. (Hence, the flooding of pictures.)

One day, I will find myself reclining to a snowy landscape, comfortably warm in my wear, gazing up towards the sky and sighing in spectacle at these heavenly lights. Oh the stream of thoughts I will be enjoying when that time comes. I will be taking along friends with. Who wants to come?

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Would you rather be blind, deaf, or mute?

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“I want to spend the rest of my life with you!”, exclaimed the protagonist as he approaches his leading female to lean in for a kiss. A moving ensemble starts to play, decorating the atmosphere with romance signalling the end of the act. The heroine reciprocates in an embrace. The theatre livens as the crowd swoons. It’s easy for just about anyone to enjoy this sort of entertainment. Anyone normal, that is. A few would only consider themselves fortunate until they encounter the inopportune – the disabled.

I would like to mention only three disabilities in particular in this entry; and for discussion, if you were made to choose upon these three, which one would it be?

So, would you rather be blind, deaf, or mute?

It’s a beautiful day, and I cannot see it.

This is a simple but effective tagline from a short clip called Power of Words. Among the disabilities of the human senses, the blind is the most exposed in literature and film. To be blind is to live without colours and sights, definitely one of the most unwelcomed conditions on men. Novelists write stories about the blind, because of its dramatic impact on one’s life. Yet there is just something about not being able to see that is endearing, engaging, and romantic. In a music video of a Korean band named Kiss, blindness was a centrepiece of their story. It is a reference for longing as in the desire for contact; compensation on other senses not unlike Daredevil; strength as in enduring a great weakness. However, being blind is still probably the most easily discarded option for this discussion.

There’s music playing, but I cannot hear it.

I’d burst into laughter or bawl out loud, yet you won’t hear me.

In the end of one of my recent posts on my manila trip, I shortly mentioned about how cabin pressure gave me a firsthand experience on deafness. That hour in the plane was truly a dreadful feeling. When you see a baby crying, a cabin attendant talking, and then you finally utter words, and not perceive a single sound, for those who have had the pleasure of hearing, this is a nightmare. Personally, turning deaf is my least favourite among the choices. I could simply just not live without music; it’s like food to me.  Yet there are others out there who enjoy silence too much, they’d rather be deaf than blind, or mute, that they don’t mind learning American Sign Language at all. More often too, deafness and mutism go together, but not all the time. Separately, handling mutism would be by far, the easiest choice.  There is an adage about how action speaks louder than words. Communication is never limited to speaking, and lip reading is quite the skill. You certainly won’t be able to sing, but if you aren’t deaf, you will still be capable of appreciating music.

I might’ve spoiled this video for you by including it in this discussion, but this moving video can be a bit glamorizing on deafness & mutism among others. It is very well made, imho. All credits due to its creator (not me).

My short answer is: if I can’t be mute alone, I’d rather be blind.  How about you?

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If you had superpowers …

August 4, 2011 at 9:11 am (Geek) (, , )

credits to ~P-N-E for the pic. Visit deviantart for more info.

What would they be?

We had a really random segue, my friends and I, one time after they got bored playing fuck, marry, kill (don’t ask) – If you had up to 3 superpowers, what would they be, and why pick them?

Now if it was your favourite superhero, I’d have had an answer to that already. Have you guys seen Batman: Under the Red Hood? Such an appetizing instalment to the series title. Batman was actually a later favourite of mine. He had issues I couldn’t comprehend when I was still a kid. I used to only look at his cool gadgets, marvel at his fighting style and deviance. But is super intelligence really a bargain for a superpower? Does Batman even have a superpower?

I want the power of Flight! Super Strength! Super Speed!”, these were the responses I was expecting to hear, but not from this peculiar group of friends. “I want to be able to transform to electricity, travel through any wire and wave connection, and take over your technologies.”, exclaimed a lady friend. It certainly is original, but most likely not deadly. You will need to be crafty to work your enemies’ phones, desktops, TV boxes, and even media devices, to a plan. “Plus I will have the power to control minds”, she added. I see her point there, that’s pretty devious! “I want …!”, grinning, my guy friend butted in, “the powers of Invisibility, X-ray vision, and Walking through walls!”. What? Those are lame powe… Ohhh, I see what he did there. 😛 “You’re such a perv.”, my petty retort. “I want mind control too! ..and super strength! Flight. Indestructibility!”, my cousin started listing her choices forgetting that we are limiting them to only 3. “Who do you want to kill, D?”, our effort into getting her to stop naming every generic super power known in the universe. She just probably wants to top off any of our choice superpowers. Still, what would people consider as a superpower most coveted?

In one of the latest super power poll online, Wolverine’s super regeneration came on top, followed by Charles Xavier’s telepathic/psionic powers, and Superman’s flight. Now, I don’t know if this shows how the big screen has been affecting such a poll, but if not, it certainly gives a picture of how dangerous our streets have become. 😉 This thought is most likely the origin of superheroes. I’d like to think it was crime-fighting which started people writing about them. A few probably wanted to infuse the fiction of alien and/or mutant powers, which led to a number of series with quite the following on their own. It may not be a strange if some kid out there decides to expose himself to radiation under the surmise of radiation and mutant powers. Me? I’d rather stay human. Batman is human. He may not be real, but he’s the closest fictional character of a superhero title to be one. There’s my pick for a super power, although it may not be that super.

What about yours?

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Manila against odds – 2/2

August 1, 2011 at 5:28 pm (Travel) (, , , , , )

Jun on the right side.

We’ve turned in for the night past 1:00am at Cocoy’s place but not without an unwarranted intermission. Before sleeping, Paul was complaining of being nahihilo sa kinain nya. This he just dozed off. Cocoy, on the other hand, started developing a stomach ache as early as 3:00am. This was especially alarming. He was only a few symptoms short of having appendicitis – an emergency situation. We almost cancelled our daytrip for this. Brave Cocoy decided to resume plans despite the discomfort. (This later lasted til Saturday eve where he sought consult with his medical colleagues).

Friday, July 29, 2011. Since Cocoy agreed to carry on with our itinerary, we stalled in for a few minutes to rest our tired selves before we left for Splash Island. We had to do a little coaxing to have Jun come along. He didn’t think we were going to push through with Splash, so he didn’t bring extra clothes and swimwear. I might’ve pushed him towards the bus door too. 😛 “Palitan mo na boardshorts mo! Luma na yon! Bili tayo doon.”, I suggested. I had to make sure people will accompany me on the slides. It’s never fun doing these things alone. 10:00am might’ve been behind our schedule. We had arrived at the park past 12 noon. We agreed to leave by 2:00am. Fate would’ve had it that the fun rides are closed by 12:00-12:30pm and resume 2:00-2:30pm. No surprise there. Something always seems to come up every time for some reason. But since we’ve become accustomed to shrugging off hurdles, the next couple hours in this park turned out to be one of the most fun ones we’ve had on our trip. Jun is a natural belting out fun shrieks. Paul is a little afraid of deep water, and cautious in doing so. Cocoy was our cameraman, with the bad tummy ache. 🙂 We decided to gamble on our schedule to enjoy the rides that open at 2:30pm and had left the park past 3:00pm, Laguna almost 4:00pm. An unwise move.

We have arrived back at the pad by 6:30pm. It had stopped raining hard at the very least, but Jun had already left along the road to head home and get ready for his 8:30pm work, and Paul was already late for his 6:00pm work. Cocoy and I had to be back south of the city by 7:00pm at the airport for our 9:30pm flight. We were running really late, and we haven’t eaten lunch or dinner. This was the peak of my throat infection. If you’re this sick, you barely care about a lot of things – food, for one. Tired, sick, hungry, useless. Fatigue was starting to take its toll on us. Despite all these, Universe would rather be meddlesome. The taxi we had waiting for us by the pad, were stolen by a group of koreans. Friday night at rainy weather is a bad time to be scrounging up a vacant taxi on a busy road. The train was a decent pick, … but it broke down. We had to switch trains, and ended up standing elbow-to-elbow on the next available train. I had to bring my backpack up front for fear of being picked at. The influx of passengers was reminiscent to a stampede, but my tired mind had little left to process this. It was almost 8:00pm when we caught a taxi from our stop in Magallanes. I was barely awake the whole ride, but I can tell it was a smooth and fast one, until I saw NAIA airport a few hundred meters away. “Almost there!“, I thought. That’s when the taxi stopped caught in a traffic jam. “Kung kelan malapit na sana, ngayon  pa nagkakatrafik!”, exclaimed the cab driver. A heavy downpour followed. I was too sick to care at this point. I only cursed the powers that be, in silence. They adequately responded by allowing us to check in on our flight on time. There was still time for us to eat before our flight, but neither of the food we ordered was good enough for our sickly appetites. My mom called me that no one was available to pick me up at the airport, and my eardrums were not working for the night after cabin pressure kicked in on the plane at the appropriate time of me having colds. A truly horrific feeling. Everything fell quiet. Comfortable at first until, you see a baby kid crying next to you in a silent cabin. “Where is his voice?“, i uttered – dreadfully not hearing my own voice. Suffice to say, this has recovered after a couple of days. To be honest, I think I was even being punished for my own sins. Oh, the irony! Universe, I can’t blame you at all.

Despite this lengthy rant, I want you guys to know that this Manila trip has been an irreplaceable adventure to me. Cocoy, salamat ng marami for being the informal host. Paul, June, napuyat pa kayo sa trip na ito. Sana nag enjoy kayo. Promise, guys! Enjoy ako ng sobra. Mamimiss ko ang matulog sa byahe sa bus at taxi. Next time guys! Enchanted Kingdom na talaga tayo! Haha. At mas marami pa dapat sasama. Gusto ko rin i-try mag sky-diving sa pampanga. Hahaha. Christmas Party tayo! xD

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Manila 2011 against odds – 1/2

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Ano ang uso sa Maynila? a.) matulog sa byahe b.) sumakit ang pwet sa kakaupo sa byahe c.) maubos ang pera sa kakataxi d.) maubusan ng Tagalog. Ay, ako lang pala yan. 😛

Enchanted Kingdom. Oh, how I’ve missed you so. It must have been almost a decade when I last abused my ticket to burn my time making a name for myself bumping strangers off their track on an electric-powered suspended flat car. Rio Grande was such a publicity stunt to get you to buy their shirt at the end, and now I can’t even find that shirt. I never rode the Space Shuttle roller coaster on my first trip, but after my Everland getaway in Korea, I was more than willing to test my nausea mettle this time. Star City would be a decent pick too. I’ve never been in there, and I’ve always wanted a snowy/cold experience for a change. In the day, I’d figure we could head to ABS-CBN to visit friends under the guise of being toured. Somehow in two days, we should be able to  squeeze in hanging out with a select few grabbing a bottle or two, singing your heart out in karaoke, and stuffing ourselves til we drop from gluttony. My initial plan to scream my lungs out watching either the Azkals game, or the Incubus concert, seems distant in my head now, yet I am ecstatic to have this opportunity to be with geographically distant friends, and a fill of the kid in me.

Not one of these was the case, though. Unseen forces would have had me against this trip at all.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011. Bagyong Juaning was expected to traverse Central Luzon and will be out of the country’s national area of responsibility by Thursday afternoon. This is a risky yet comforting thought to our fresh itinerary for a short Manila vacation for my friend and I. We’ve had these tickets for this trip for 2 months now, and have barely scrapped up an itinerary for the past two days for our early Thursday morning – late Friday evening excursion. “Are you sure you’re going to Manila in this weather?”, I’ve lost count how many times my worried mom must’ve asked me that. “It doesn’t need a typhoon to get the water above your knee in that city.” Great! I don’t mind the rain myself, but floodwater is a different matter. To strike a more displeasing note, I’ve been copping an itch in my throat since early this morning at work. After all, I’ve been on duty for 7 days now (including three successive night shifts). My constitution is not certainly at its best to battle the elements in a foreign land. Still, it greatly saddened me when both of the capital region’s theme parks, EK and Star City, were for Thursday, closed. 😦 Oh you, Universe!

But nothing short of a cancelled flight will be stopping me.”Let’s go to Tagaytay, instead!”, my companion Cocoy suggested. I was Tagaytay-bound one time, but backed out when I had to come back home on urgent business. This thought got me excited all of a sudden. “Game!”, my abrupt reply. That would be perfect time for me to try out these new telephoto lens my mom bought on our Nikon D3100. I’ll try to make do without a tripod. A camera is worth millions in this sort of excursion. “Do you want to try to go to Splash Island, too?”, added Cocoy. My friend described it as this water theme park with a number of enjoyable water attractions. I always enjoy water slides, and I have been aching for a more challenging ride than the one I frequent at Imperial Palace – the red slide. My heart jumped. “Game! Isama natin ang tropa!“, a thought which I briefed on them later that afternoon. I texted a number of them, but only few replied. I wonder if one day notice was too short. I couldn’t possibly invite them earlier, not without a proper itinerary. The remaining few, did confirm. Our itinerary was finally starting to shape up. It was far from what I expected, but the company will have to make up for that. 🙂

Thursday, July 28, 2011. My throat wasn’t getting any better, but I couldn’t bring myself to consult my parents who were against this trip in the first place. “Leave the DSLR here!”, my mother’s stern note. I tried to haggle, but all in vain. I guess the GE X5 will have to suffice. Mother’s orders. There goes my photography appetite for this trip. I almost got closed off at the check-in counter for our flight. After all, I arrived 30 mins before my departure. By 6:00am, I was in a rainy city bustling with … heavy traffic. The lechon in Cocoy’s bag was all I could think of right now. I haven’t eaten since I awoke. By the time we served it for breakfast at his sister’s  apartment, it had to be recooked -_-. Something bought last night and left tight-sealed overnight at (almost) room temperature couldn’t be good for consumption. (Sorry Cocoy :P) In any case, the deep fried lechon was still good! Lyn is a gourmet in her own right. Her cheese omelette was something I want copied someday. This will have to keep me warm for the already cold weather and destination we had in schedule.

We finally met up with Paul and June at 10:ooam. One hour past meeting time. Right on time, we thought. =) We caught a bus on the road that gave me my first standing experience in any of Manila’s transit systems. I briefly recall my own standing experience in Korea’s transits. It was never too crowded, but swaying to the vehicle’s momentum was still there. Standing sa byahe isn’t really that new to me, but they wanted me seated right away. No qualms for the sickly there. It was a few minutes past lunchtime when we arrived in Tagaytay. The climb was very refreshing to me. Fog in the city! Buildings 10 meters away devoured in white! Mind you, I’ve never been to Baguio, and my last fog experience was on this uphill … farm :/ But I soon realized this was actually not a good thing. While the fog was a refreshing feeling, it dawned on me that I’m missing the big picture here – literally. The main attraction, the Taal Lake and Taal Volcano, was nowhere in plain sight. The grey weather adds a bad color to a gloomy atmosphere; And then sightseeing was left to my imagination. “How I wish it was a blue sunny sky with a clear view of the lake i’m looking at right now“. Someone may be praying to their gods against this trip. (To my friend readers, do not despair. I had a blast with the fog, the climbing, the food, and the place. Although I know It could’ve been better. Thank you for accompanying me on a weird choice of destination for the recent weather.) 30 minutes behind schedule, and then we should be back in QC by, probably latest 6:00pm.

And so we were in Quezon City by 8:00pm. Right on time? I don’t want to rant on how Thursday afternoon had this heavy a traffic. I never thought sitting idle in the bus could be so draining. I mean, why would you feel so tired sitting down, besides nursing a pressure sore in the ass? For 6 hours, I might add. That’s something you do in front of the computer on a regular basis 😉 After all that sitting down, I found myself … yep, sitting again, in Cocoy’s apartment with Paul. “Chieffy!” I managed to let out a decent decibeled voice of this catastrophe of a throat I’m having right now, as I saw Chieffy Caligdong’s speedy motion nearing enemy goal. We were watching the game on TV despite promising to rendezvous with Kiko 30 minutes ago. I could probably detail my thoughts on the latest Azkals-related activity in another blog entry. For now, since the universe loves me so, they indeed lost. See you World Cup in 4 years. See you Azkals later this year. You guys did so much already. Kuwait is a monster team, anyway. 🙂 10 minutes before 9:00pm, we left to meet up with what would be tonight’s crew. A crew which I thought were missing a few members. A sad thought, really. Sigh … Still, an enjoyable evening, anyway. JM, Kiko, and Kiko’s friend, Lala joined our group for food and soiree. Let me point this out to you guys who are planning to go to Manila: Eat at Mister Kabab! O_O What I’d do for another serving right now…

It’s a no-brainer what to pick for the topper of this night – Ang walang kamatayang Karaoke! 😀 And as you might’ve guessed, I had a blast … listening to them 😀 Besides, however will I contend with built-in voice box powerhouses Kiko and Cocoy. I feel privileged enough to be in this karaoke session already. I might end up paying for a ticket. Surprisingly enough, Paul actually sings pretty well. Great. Just depressing. Why wasn’t I born a natural singer. At least, I had the excuse to pass singing this time. 🙂 And while they were counting bottles of empty beer, I was closely competing with my bottles of empty mineral water 🙂 Promise, guys, next time! Ipakita ko na ang pagiging buwakaw ko sa karaoke 😛 Ako pa? 

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Even flames want to be vain.

July 26, 2011 at 6:52 pm (Hobbies) (, , )

Every year at work, our company holds a grand Christmas party for colleagues to enjoy. Being at a hospital, not everyone is privileged enough to participate, well, because we aren’t allowed to leave any posts unmanned for more than a few minutes. However, I always manage to coax my superior to grant me the day off for the party. This is mostly because my little troupe at work .. is quite the aspiring group of performers. We dance. And this exhibition we partook, there’s a prize in it for the most entertaining 😉

Last Christmas, we decided to inculcate something new to our usual dance routine. Us 4 guys, and 1 girl  in the troupe decided to learn something unconventional – Dancing with fire. No teachers. Just a few advice from friends, Youtube, and some common sense.

Fire poi has lately gained attention in our locale. A group of students in our school’s acquaintance party helped this performance art debuted in our institution. Their rendition was warmly accepted, its interest spread among the guys like fire. One time, I was walking around at a local park at night and I saw a small group of guys and girls practicing poi – initially, an uncommon sight. You’d look at them and think, “How hard could it be?”, especially without the poi aflame yet.

In truth, it’s not as easy as it looks. The learning curve is tough. Getting the poi to move to your desire was similar to a pyromaniac doing calisthenics on prosthesis. You’d think the poi is calling you “clumsy” every time it lands on your head (among other places). Something that every fire poi dancer out there experiences. Scratches, bruises, and burns are all part of the learning curve. But as long as you keep your cool, like any other performing art, the skill can be learned, and honed. The key to its mastery are all in your wrists.

On an off note, I don’t completely get why one must be shirtless in performance, though. Poi spinning originated from the Maori of New Zealand, and was adapted in flames by entertainers in Hawaii a good half century ago. Was it something tribal in practice for their outfit? Probably. The dancers had well-toned bodies, anyway. Was there a metaphor behind their sparsity of an outfit? Possibly, a symbol of strength. Was I shirtless on-stage ? Hahahaha… 😐 Was it all good performing though? Well, to be honest, I sustained 2nd degree burns on my left arm. 😦 but that never stopped me from displaying whatever novice skills I had. 🙂

Yet there is just something mystical, mesmerizing, magical, the first time I spinned fire, I cannot even put them in words here.

It’s just a shame my first real performance turned out to be slightly traumatic. And that is why I am looking into a different form of poi spinning. Ladies, and gents, feast your eyes and marvel at Glow stick poi spinning. 🙂

It has a completely different charm, like the equivalent of a beautiful techno rendition of a contemporary piece. Best of all, it’s safe!

Now if only someone would be kind enough to direct me to a shop with durable glow sticks …

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July 23, 2011 at 5:08 pm (Frustrations) (, , )

-is one thing that I am not, but wished I had been.

I keep telling myself that if there was something I would change when I reborn, I’d like to gain the patience in dealing with books.

I am not even sure if I can finish reading a book as fast as I should. I remember back in school when the teacher would post something on the board for us to copy down on our notebooks, I would always be the last one to finish.  Coincidentally, I write on paper like a turtle; Even if I silently brag about my handwriting. (Yes, I consider my handwriting neat and very legible). One night, I had trouble sleeping. All I did was to pick up a book, started reading, and a few minutes later, I was on the bed asleep.

But it’s not all bad. I consider it bragging rights to mention that I finished my course in college (with average grades, shamelessly saying) without purchasing any of those heavy books. After all, the lectures have always been bookish, and one only needs to listen (and .. ugh … write comprehensive notes – my bane). All that extra lbs on your backpack can be uncomfortable , and presumably not good for your posture too. One classmate, a girl half my size, always lugs around books specific for each class. She had a tired look on her face. It’s definitely from the books, but not from all that reading. I liked to borrow them for a pillow. 😀

Still, I feel like I’m completely missing out on a lot of things. I have this friend who proclaims herself a geek. She manages to decimate all of us in this trivia game every time she gets to pick the category. All she needs to do is to choose  ‘Literature’, which by then she probably knows the name of that obnoxious pet dog to this obscure character of this unknown book series. Don’t get me wrong, I find it actually quite amazing! When you engage in a casual conversation with her, you would sometimes find yourself inadequate in keeping her interest… of course, unless you follow ONTD. I don’t. :/

As a matter of fact, the rest of my gang reads books. Whenever they get into a conversation on who their favorite author is, or how the story of this one went about, or which pet dog of that character was more charming, I just shut up (as with a lot of other topics in our conversations as it may seem). Yeah, i sometimes feel singled out, by which then one will try steer the conversation on something I might have actually a say on … like comics or video games. 😛

Funny how I could write up on a detailed resume how I ended up 2nd on a regional level PressCon – this gathering of aspiring journalists in different schools in a form of a tournament. It turns out I participated in Desktop Publishing – which is more concerned in design and visuals – something wayward from my concept on journalism.

Ultimately, I still wish I was an avid book reader. I know it’s never too late to start, but where do I get the patience I wonder. I remember back in the day, I used to follow Animorphs. Applegate’s work, was it? (Yes, I’m lame.) And that other similar series where you get to pick your own path whose name escapes me right now. Nevertheless, I remember getting hooked; reading chapter after chapter; resting your eyes and neck after noticing an hour pass by so fast. It is a feeling now alien to me. These days I only read tabloids, the daily newspaper, and follow a monthly subscription on Reader’s Digest Asia. Somehow, they keep my fill on reading. I already read enough randomly on things online anyway. Yet still I would one day like to read all those great books my friends would recommend reading before I die.

To the readers, if you believe you have the patience to read books, I highly recommend doing so. Literature is a privilege of this mundane world. To the bookworms out there, I will be accepting must-read-before-dying recommendations. 🙂 Cheers!

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Hello world!

July 22, 2011 at 1:17 pm (Uncategorized)

Hello World! (I’m keeping this title.)

I’ve recently decided to give blogging a try. I hope I get motivated enough to keep this up.  Recently, I have had a little extra free time on my hands, and I had probably hoped to channel them on here to see if I can come up with something (or anything) interesting. 🙂

Yours truly is a writing nab, known to friends as the King Dawdler. He likes to conjure up random thoughts and have them dissipate without shaping anything concrete. He usually likes to stop in the middle of work too. Will WordPress meet me halfway?

By the way, i haven’t been more than an hour in this place. Anyone got a map?

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